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Paint the Town
Paint the Town

2018 Paint the Town Registration – Non-Painting Volunteers

Not interested in painting, but still looking to help out with Paint the Town? Great, we need you and have plenty for you to do!

We do have a number of non-painting volunteer needs. These opportunities are great for those who cannot spend the entire day with us or are less comfortable with a paintbrush.

Due to the nature of the event, there are limited opportunities for youth volunteers. However, we have really enjoyed our youth volunteers in the past and they’ve really made an impact on the event! We’ll be working with ladders, scrapers and other equipment at Paint the Town; To ensure safe worksites for all our volunteers, we cannot permit those under age 18 at the homes. However, we would love help with parking direction in the morning, delivering lunches and sorting of supplies at return. We can accept volunteers over the age of 10, with the presence of a parent or other adult at the volunteer site. (Your child’s safety is very important to us. Our committee members are often called to provide assistance on a number of tasks and we can’t guarantee that we would have someone available to monitor minor volunteers at all times.)


Saturday June 9

Parking Direction & Registration (7 am to 10 am): Provide direction to volunteers towards parking and registration. Youth volunteers welcome with adult present.

Lunch Prep & Delivery (11:00am to 1pm): Will need access to reliable transportation for delivery to houses. Youth volunteers welcome with adult present.

After Party Set up (12pm to 2pm): Assist in setting up tables and chairs for the after party. Youth volunteers welcome with adult present. Some lifting required.

After Party (2:30pm to 6pm): Must be over 21. Assist with food and beverage service, some clean-up.

Supply Return (3pm to 7 pm): Sort supplies as they are returned from completed houses. Youth volunteers welcome with adult present. May involve lifting and loading some supplies onto truck.

Ladder Pickup (3pm to 6 pm): Visit houses and pick up ladders from each location. Will involve loading ladders onto a truck.

Sunday, June 10

Supply Unloading (12 pm to 3 pm): Unload supplies from the truck and into supply storage. Some lifting involved. Will take place at Give Back Cincinnati’s supply storage in Norwood, OH. Youth volunteers welcome with adult present.

Registration is closed.