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Paint the Town
Paint the Town


What is this “Paint the Town”?

Paint the Town is a daylong event that engages more than 1,000 volunteers to rejuvenate homes in need of a little TLC. Painting a mass of homes in a concentrated area can truly serve as a catalyst to lift up a community. Neighborhoods are chosen according to need, and qualified homeowners are encouraged to apply for the service. Community groups are instrumental in spreading the word about Paint the Town. Volunteers work in teams led by experienced team leaders to paint a house. If needed, houses are prepped for painting prior to the day of the event. Volunteers are provided with breakfast, lunch, drinking water, a team T-shirt, and painting supplies. Volunteer sign-ups take place each spring. Paint the Town has painted nearly 500 houses in the communities of Westwood, Norwood, College Hill, East End, Price Hill (twice), Northside, Madisonville, Hartwell/Carthage, and Avondale and Evanston in Ohio, and Latonia, Covington, Bellevue and Dayton in Kentucky… and we’re just getting started.


Why Paint houses?

Our community is a sum of its total, and our housing is a big part of that equation.

Our houses are our homes, a place that we share memories and grow in community with our neighbors.  Houses require a tremendous amount of upkeep and things like painting a house can be an overwhelming financial cost for many members of our community.

Painting a home can give a renewed sense of pride to the homeowner, improve the image of the neighborhood and serve as a catalyst for community improvement.

Through service we are able to provide an incredible team building experience for corporations to get out of the office and into the community, helping others.  This event also is a great way to introduce many new faces to the type of work Give Back does all year round in Cincinnati.