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Paint the Town
Paint the Town


Paint the Town started in a little town to the North known for automobiles and hockey, Detroit, Michigan.  The event has grown over several decades and more than 5000 homes have been painted since 2001.

Corporate sponsors gather teams and now paint up to 40 homes in a single day.

One of Give Back’s early leaders, Rob Porter, brought his experiences from Detroit to Cincinnati and kick-started Paint the Town Cincinnati.

In year one, generous sponsors like Home Depot, Sherwin Williams, Alpine Valley and others helped the group tackle four homes in the East End.  Like all good things Give Back, we started small and then grew…and grew.

As this event grew, it was apparent that it required year-round planning so a permanent committee was formed to organize the event, led by Brent Nawroth.  A team works year-round to ensure that the big day is an excellent, meaningful day that has a secure foundation for future growth….and yes this is done by ALL VOLUNTEERS.

Give Back Cincinnati asks volunteers to paint these homes with the same tender loving care that they would employ on their own homes (like every event we do).  We are not professional painters but will paint the homes with attention to detail.

Give Back Cincinnati is committed to having a turn-key event which requires that the volunteers simply show-up.  GBC will have the supplies, t-shirts, food, and everything else required for an excellent day.

We aim to continue growing this event to a size and scope that maintains the spirit and quality of the event.