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Bellevue, KY (One of our sites for PTT 2011)

Bellevue was named for the plantation of Gen. James Taylor Jr., Quartermaster General of the western US Army in the War of 1812. The City was once the eastern part of his plantation. The name Bellevue was taken from the General’s family plantation in Virginia.  Bellevue, or “belle vue,” is French for “beautiful view.” 

Bellevue is on a gentle slope that rises toward the Kentucky Highlands region at the south of the city.  Topographically, Bellevue is on higher ground than its neighboring cities.  When the Ohio River would rise, the homes in Dayton and Newport would flood, whereas the homes in Bellevue (with exception of those closest to the river) would be safe from the flooding.  For this reason Bellevue is not behind a levee, whereas Dayton and Newport are. 

Today, Bellevue is becoming the bedroom community of the Northern Kentucky population boom, while its neighboring cities, Covington and Newport, become the business and entertainment centers.    Between 2005 and 2006, the average residential sale price increased by 89%, which easily beat out every other neighborhood in the Greater Cincinnati area.  

In 2007, Bellevue was listed in Cincinnati Magazine’s list of “10 Great Neighborhoods You Might Want to Take a Look At.”