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Paint the Town
Paint the Town

Giving Homeowners a Sense of Belonging

We’re in the final weeks before Paint the Town, and all hands are on deck. It seems there are a million little details to oversee: bus routes to finalize, volunteers to recruit, 1,000 paint brushes to sort and distribute, lunch counts to submit… the list seems and often feels endless. So it’s good to pause, every now and then, to remind ourselves why we do what we do. 
This letter from Carrie, a resident of Colerain Township, really brings it all home for us. 
Carrie sent this note to our steering committee last year at the conclusion of our 2018 Paint the Town(ship) event. It was just the boost we needed at a time when the finish line seems both so close and so far away! Thank you, Carrie, for your inspiring and encouraging words! 
As a resident of Colerain Township,  I want to give all of you my heart-warmed thanks.
You all did far more than put paint on houses; far more than brightened the day of homeowners; far, far more than helping 25 residents have pride in their homes.
You touched the heart and souls of each of the 50K residents of Colerain with your efforts.  You showed us the power of people; the power of being a good neighbor; the power of caring.  You all did far, far more than put color on walls — you colored our spirits with your generosity, commitment and good-hearted actions.  Everything from the conception of the project, to the selection, to organizing, selling, recruiting, and execution — every aspect was a visual and tangible labor of love for your fellow man — my neighbors.
Your mission inspires “commUNITY,” as one Colerain nonprofit calls it.  A lesson they work on daily in their neighborhoods.  I remember my first interaction with this local nonprofit.  A person’s home had burnt down. The nonprofit rallied neighbors to bring them food, clothing, a place to store what little was saved. I debated them that since the homeowners had insurance, they didn’t need all that stuff.  It was a waste of time and efforts. One of the leaders sent me a private message and said, “We know the insurance will cover everything. It’s not about the stuff.  It’s about neighbors taking care of neighbors; it’s about giving the homeowners a sense of belonging.” It was about the community feeling like a neighborhood — connected, wanted, protected.
And that’s what you all did with this project.  As costly as it was in time, materials and sweat equity; the example you set was priceless.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you!