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Paint the Town
Paint the Town

“It Looks Like A New House”

Over the years, Paint the Town recipient, Jim Frazier has given much of his time to improving and saving lives in his own community and abroad. With most of his career dedicated to serving Cheviot, it is only fitting that volunteers could serve Frazier this time.

Frazier was born in Cincinnati and as a child moved to Beavercreek, Ohio, where he graduated High School. He eventually made his way back to the Tristate area to attend fire school and receive advanced EMS training. After completing his training, he served on the Cheviot Fire Department and Life Squad for 12 years, dedicating his time to protecting the citizens of Cheviot.

Not only has Frazier worked in this capacity in his own community, but as an advanced EMT, Frazier utilized his skillsand knowledge to treat those who are less fortunate across the globe. For over 10 years, he and his wife, Sue made regular medical missions to southern India where they stayed for a few weeks at a time, treating everything from the common cold to leprosy.

“We worked in medical camps treating anywhere from 300 to 500 people a day. Some of these people had never seen a doctor in their lives and lived in mud huts and shanties. It was particularly rewarding to be able to help treat those who were stricken with leprosy, because in that culture they are considered outcasts. If one member of the family has it, the whole family is cast out,” said Frazier.

He hopes to be able to return.

Frazier now works in the public works/maintenance department doing many of the essential jobs that keep Cheviot running smoothly. He does everything from street maintenance to helping care for the schools to maintaining and preserving the city’s parks.

Frazier learned about Paint the Town through a flyer on one of the city billboards. After speaking with a city safety director, he decided to apply and was accepted to be included in the program.

Frazier’s home was just one of 40 in the Cheviot community that received a few fresh coats of paint during this year’s successful Paint the Town event on June 9, 2012.

“The volunteers that where here on Saturday were a great bunch of people! Sue and I are very happy with the job that was done. It looks like a new house,” said Frazier. “I think it made a very good impact on Cheviot. It made a lot of people happy to see so many helping others. I think the Paint the Town program is a great program, and I have heard others saying because of this, they want to get involved next year. What a great way to give back to the community. Sue and I are very grateful and we want to thank everyone for a job well done!”

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