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Paint the Town
Paint the Town

Making Your Paint the Town Fashion Statement

Here at Paint the Town, we have fashion standards. They’re low, but they’re there. These guidelines will help you achieve maximum comfort and safety, and minimum clothing damage, on the day of Paint the Town:

  • Start your outfit with a healthy slathering of sunscreen.
  • Throw on some  old, dirty, ratty clothes. After you sign in the morning of Paint the Town, you’ll be able to layer on a t-shirt in your team’s color.
  • Lace up a pair close-toed shoes. That means sneakers–the dirtier, the better–not your cute flip-flops or studly mandals. You’ll thank us when you drop a scraper on your foot, walk through paint or scale a ladder.
  • Top off your ensemble with a baseball cap or other casual hat to ward off paint from your hair and sun from your face.
  • Tuck your ID and a little cash for the afterparty into your pocket.
  • Add a pair of sunglasses.
  • We’ll provide the painting accessories the day of. Here’s an example of appropriate Paint the Town attire: