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Paint the Town
Paint the Town

Paint the Town is Right Around the Corner!

Cheviot Mayor Samuel D. Keller previously volunteered with Paint the Town, so when the city was chosen as the site of the 11th annual event, he was quick to embrace it.  The area has fallen on hard times recently, due to the relocation of several large job providers, and leaders have been eager to work with organizations that can help uplift the community.

“Cheviot is one square mile of nothing but fantastic opportunities to make an impact,” said Lindsay Maurer, Paint the Town Coordinator.  “Many homes are a good fit for the project, and as we wrap up interviews, I am excited to select the homeowners as so many of them appreciated even being considered.”

That’s right—even though Paint the Town isn’t until Saturday, June 9, applications have been accepted and reviewed, homeowner interviews have been conducted, houses have been mapped and pictures have been taken.

“I must say, this year has been great so far,” Maurer said of the progress that has been made.  “Our biggest challenge is always creating awareness of the program in the neighborhood we’ve selected in just two short months.  In most cases, the program is new to the neighborhood and residents have a hard time believing it’s truly a free program.”

Overall, PTT received a total of 112 applications.  About 26 volunteers working in 10 teams spent the month of March interviewing homeowners, who will be notified whether or not they are selected no later than May 1.

“This is when things really pick up,” Maurer said.  Over the next three weeks, the PTT committee will be selecting houses, finalizing the 40 home sponsors and meeting with team leads to assign houses and create painting plans.  From there, corporate team leads will meet with homeowners to select paint colors, and PTT’s long-time partner Sherwin Williams will be venturing out to estimate paint quantities.  The committee will work with Cheviot to determine parking plans, shuttling and more.

“The PTT committee rocks!” Maurer said.  “They are, bar none, the best motivated and most cooperative team of twenty-plus individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

There are more opportunities than ever this year for volunteers to get involved.  Prep day will be May 19, and painting day will be June 9.  Volunteers are needed for more than just painting—there is also a need for people to help with tasks like ladder set-up and delivery on June 8, lunch delivery, sorting supplies, taking pictures, serving food and beverages, clean up and many more.