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Paint the Town

Paint the Town Waiver Goes Online

If you’ve volunteered for Paint the Town before, you know the volunteer waiver–it usually involved hurriedly reading the terms and trying to find a spot on a table or your friend’s back to sign it.

No more!

The Paint the Town volunteer waiver is now part of online registration. (Corporate teams are registering now; general registration will open soon.) When you sign up on our Web site to volunteer, make sure you read the whole form (we know it’s not the Great American Novel, but it IS important) and click the box acknowledging you’ve read it.

You’ll also click a box to certify you’re the person whose name is attached to the registration. (That means you won’t be able to sign up your friends.)

Don’t forget to type in the name, phone number and address of your emergency contact, too.

The online waiver should make registration and team sign-ups on the morning of Paint the Town go much faster, so you all can get on a bus and get started painting.

We’ll have some printed waivers on hand that morning for people who didn’t sign up online. But you can help things run smoothly June 13 by making sure that you and any friends you want to volunteer with register online ahead of time. Thanks!

Check the FAQ for more information about volunteering for Paint the Town.