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Paint the Town
Paint the Town

“Wonderful: Unusually Good, Admirable and Marvelous”

My home was selected to be part of Paint the Town, this past June 8th. It was a wonderful experience. The dictionary defines wonderful as: unusually good, admirable, and marvelous. I agree.

My sponsor was Children’s Hospital. Most of the volunteers were women. All of these people have full time jobs and yet they chose to spend a day off painting my home.

I spoke with several of the volunteers as they were painting. One of the things they all said was that they were having fun! It was a hot day, they were squatting, bending, reaching, and climbing up and down ladders from 9 am to about 4 pm. The volunteers all have such a heart of compassion and commitment to the Paint the Town project. The volunteers did a really great job, very professional. The volunteers treated their home as though it was their own.

The team leader was very organized. He came out before the painters got here and set up the ladders, opened the paint, so everything was ready when the painters got here. The team leader treated me and my husband with dignity and respect.

My husband has COPD and is unable to maintain our home the way he would like to. So, we are especially thankful for the Paint the Town program for selecting us to have our home painted.

Paint the Town did more than Paint our home. The volunteers also cut some out of control underbrush, and did some weeding and transplanting that was badly needed.

I cannot say thank you enough for what you did for my husband and myself. I feel like I have a brand new house–it looks so good!

I chose a dark green color with a bright trim color for my house. The trim is clad in white aluminum siding. The dark green paint made the white pop. It looks so good.

One of my friends was here two days after the house was painted. She thought I had new trim and gutters because the paint job so completed the look of the house. Several of neighbors also commented on how good the house looks.

Again, thank you so much for painting my home.

– Patricia Rooney